Sermons from Pastor John Weaver on God's Law

The Abiding Validity Of The Law

Recommended material concerning the Law of God

Sermons from Pastor Peter J. Peters on God's Law

The Law Part 1-6

The Bible Is True
By: Howard B. Rand

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America Needs the Divine Law
By: Dr. J. Franklin Snook

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The Ten Commandments
Bible Law Course

Christian America Ministries

Bill Strittmatter's Bible Law Course Radio Program

The Ten Commandments Bible Law Course has been in existence for many years now. Written by Bill Strittmatter, he printed them up in his basement and promoted them with a Bible Law Radio Program in Ohio. He has donated his time and work to Christian Israel, for this course has been printed and sent out by many Christian Israel ministries over the years. One of the first ministries to promote it was Pastor Sheldon Emry of America’s Promise. Bill Strittmatter has given Christian America Ministries permission to use this material for the advancing of the Kingdom of Christ and building up the Body of Christ. We offer it for free at our website in pdf format. If you examine the entire, 16 lessons, course you will find 270 pages and to some it would look like an impossible task to complete, but, if taken one lesson at a time, the task is easier. This course is a great resource for homeschooling as well. We recommend you print out a hard copy of the course and place it in a three ring binder to use for years to come.