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Sermons and Lectures by Pastor John Weaver

The below sermons by Pastor Weaver are some

of the best we have ever heard concering

the war between the states known by many

as the "civil war". There has been a war

against southern people and southern culture 

for sometime, and it has gotten worse in recent

days. We hope that these sermons will better

educate you concerning the southern people,

and the war that few know little truth about.  

The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag

The Revival in the Confederate Armies

The Confederate Chaplains

Jack Hinson, Confederate Sniper

The Christian Character of Robert E. Lee

Stonewall Jackson & Self Control

The Abolitionist Revolution

The Theological Revolution

Political & Economic Issues

Biblical Doctrine of Slavery 1

Biblical Doctrine of Slavery 2

Southern Slavery Part 1

Southern Slavery Part 2

Southern Slavery Part 3

Who Started the War? Part 1

Who Started the War? Part 2

Honest Abe Was Not Honest

Why the South Lost the War # 1

Why the South Lost the War # 2

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History of the Confederate States of America
and The War Between the States