Here are some other sermons that will help you in your study.

 The Two Creations of Genesis 1 and 2: Part 1
 The Two Creations of Genesis 1 and 2: Part 2

Where was the Flood of Noah?

By: Pastor Sheldon Emry

Genesis 1 And 2 Another Look
By: Pastor Earl Jones

Facts & Fictions Regarding Noah's Flood
By: Charles A. Weisman​

This is one of the best booklets concerning the issue of a worldwide flood vs. a local flood that I have ever read. Mr. Weisman really weighs the evidence in a way that will shed light on facts you may of not realized. You can read the booklet below for free.

Click Here to Read Online​​

Christian America Ministries

Noah's Flood - Was it Local or a Global Flood?

The Fairytale Flood of Judeo-Christiandom Vs. The Factual Flood of The Holy Bible: Part 1 - 2
By: Bill Dyer

The above sermons are meant to be used as a introductory concerning the subject of Noah's flood. We also recommend the sermon "The Foundation: Adam the Man, Adam the Myth" by Mr. Dyer as well. It is directly tied to these two messages, and he refers back to it. You can listen to it by clicking here